Before you start

We understand that every client is unique. The packages below should serve as a rough guide, but every package is tailor-made to suit your needs.

Business Packages

  • Quiet
  • Start-up
  • Growing
  • Mature
  • Established

Package Elements

Description Quiet Start-up Growing Mature Established
Price per month R400 R1,000 R2,000 R5,000 R12,000
Transaction volume 1-2 3-10 10+ 40+ 80+
Transaction complexity Simple Simple Intermediate Complex Complex
Processing frequency Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Daily
Accounting Functions
    Cashbook Processing
    Bank reconciliations
    Debtors reconciliations
    Debtors reports
    Debtors statements
    Creditors reconciliations
    Creditors reports
    Creditors statements
    Management accounts
    Cash flow reports
Annual Financial Statements *1
    Basic tax planning
    Income tax
    Provisional tax
    VAT returns
    Dividends withholding tax
    Tax clearance
    SARS reviews / audits
Payroll Services *2
    Employee count 0 1-2 3-5 6+ 20+
    Monthly payroll processing
    EMP201 returns
    EMP501 returns
    UI19 returns
Statutory Services
    Annual returns
    FAS submission
    Company amendments
    Director amendments
Time allotted to client queries 30 min 1 hour 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours


*1 = The compilation of Annual Financial Statements is included. However, there may be a requirement to audit or review the entity if it matches criteria as detailed by law. Should an audit or review be required we will advise accordingly and charge separately for it.

*2 = Payroll is typically billed at R200 for the first employee and R100 for every employee thereafter and is excluded from the price listed above.


Every package is tailor-made. Elements can be added and removed to suit your needs.